Tuesday, 21 July 2015

A Stitch in Time

With install only two weeks away, I'm down to the finishing touches on the final work, and by 'finishing touches' I mean hours and hours of stitching through multiple layers of 640gsm paper!

Time for a pod cast and, you guessed it, more stitching!

A Mountain of Little Frames

All of the small works for the show are framed!
 I decided to float all of the works in box Tasie Oak box frames: limed, clear waxed, pine waxed, oak waxed and it's not that I'm indecisive but I was more concerned with each frame being perfect for the work than all of the frames being the same.

Exhibition opens August 8th, 4:30pm.

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Oxytocin Embroidery

Oxytocin Embroidery. 2015. Cotton on paper. 56 x76cm.

Companions (Bulls). 2015. Watercolour, collage and embroidery. 18x24cm

Friday, 3 July 2015

Bond. Opens at Stockroom 8th August

I have been working towards an exhibition at Stockroom, and the opening is just around the corner!

In this body of recent work I'm looking at bonding and the intangible senses that draw and bind us together in a multitude of interpersonal relationships.

Linking figures together within finely stitched chemical diagrams, I'm expressing the unseen agents behind how we connect and form relationships.
These structures are also imbedded within Star-scapes and drawn as constellations, evoking the romance, mythology and metaphor we afford night sky in expressing our emotions and sentiments about how we connect.
Works reminiscent of patchwork quilts, bring to mind blankets that comfort us, blankets under which we’re intimate or that we swaddle our young with, and speak to the numerous ways in which we connect with another and the many facets of how we experience love.

Combined these works offer an allegory of the various ways we connect with another and the unseen driving forces that create these bonds.

The exhibition will run 8th August- 27th September at Stockroom in Kyneton.

Here are two work that will feature in the show:

Star-scape #2. 2015. Gouache and embroidery on paper. 107cm x 75cm.

Star-scape #1. 2015. Gouache on paper. 107cm x 75cm.