Monday, 9 January 2012

For Want of a Better Bird

Fascinated Sparrow. 2011.                                            Pearls Are a Birds' Best Friend. 2011. 
 Acrylic on clear primed Linen. 18 x 12.5cm.                     Acrylic on clear primed Linen. 18 x 12.5cm.

Hand Held Gallery
Opens Thursday Feb. 9th, 6-8 pm

The works in this show are formed by the idea that freedom is hindered by desire and looks at affluence, beauty and mortality from a slightly more sardonic angle.

These are my first acrylic paintings, I've discovered Golden Acrylics...
And there's no turning back!

This (very cute) little show will be my last exhibition for a little while.
I've applied to do my Masters (fingers crossed for me) so I'll be getting back to the studio, getting back to the research and most importantly...
Getting back to that experimental, mixed media, installation based work that has somehow disappeared from my practice in recent years.

But stay tuned to the blog and I'll keep you posted on the strange and wonderful things I discover working  a studio without deadlines!

See you at the show

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