Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Works on the Big Screen

Many moons ago my (then) dear friend (now love of my life) Caleb McKenney asked me do a couple of drawings for the set design of his first professional short film Slash.

Slash went on to screen across Australia and throughout the US at many film festivals and was met with an enthusiastic response from audiences for its genre-bending mix of horror and comedy.

Working sketches from brief. 2012.

Follow the link to watch Slash on Vimeo:
(Keep an eye out for my Eiffel Tower Construction and Burlesque Dancer drawings)

You can watch a Q&A from the Everybody Dies Horror Festival here:

Caleb is currently working on a feature film, and earlier this year worked with the Cairnes Brothers on their upcoming film Scare Campaign, due for release in February 2016.
For more information on Caleb McKenney and his great films, you can go to 

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