Wednesday, 11 April 2012

What has made me smile like a maniac in the studio this week....

So I've been searching for more satisfaction in my practice, and I think I've found it...
A way to incorporate all of the little methods, materials and process that I enjoy so much in to my own 'grand unified theory' (of painting, not physics, be reasonable!) it's basic and now seems pretty obvious, but I'm thrilled nonetheless!

I've been doing studies for this one work for years now and I've finally found a way to resolve it, what I've imagined matches up to what I'm making and it is very exciting...

Here's a picture of a study from a couple of years ago. It's a 5 x 5cm watercolour on paper.

But at last, I've gone bigger, I'm working on a 50 x 50cm panel. Said panel has been treated to many layers of Golden Crackle paste, absorbent ground, glass bead gel, fluid acrylics and most recently, a nice leveling isolation coat. Next week I bring in the big boys... That's right, it's time to paint in oil!

When my various forms of technology decide to get along better, I'll post photos of where I'm at, stay tuned.

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