Monday, 16 April 2012

A new day...

I'm always searching for new materials that will help to resolve ideas for my work, painting has satisfied me a lot, but sometimes, I just gotta' draw...

Now, I don't want to offend any painters out there, but I've always considered drawing a more noble pursuit, there is something so humble about taking pencil to paper.

I've always loved big rough, gestural drawing, but my heart lies with the intimacy of fine, delicate entangled line. The drawings I've enjoyed making the most were done with a light grey fine-liner on paper, the fragility of the scratchy marks and the soft subtlety of the ink sitting in the paper was wonderful.

But after using something like 200 pens for 4 large drawings I got the 'these will end up in landfill' guilts and stopped drawing like this. Which is a shame.
I've tried mimicking this with ink and nib, pencil, refillable pens, but nothing has come close.

Until now...

I've discovered Silverpoint! That's right, the original pencil. It's what the old masters used to draw with. And can I just say, it is wonderful!!
I have found the perfect tool for this feint, fine, scratchy line. It is such a beautiful process, drawing with a silver tipped pencil, that will last a life time, creating such delicate marks in grey, that oxidize to a red over time.

 It is beautiful and I couldn't be more excited because I've found the mark I'd lost, found a tool that will last my life time (no land fill guilt) and I can say I draw like da Vinci!

So, my board is prepared and I'm heading to the studio to make the magic happen...

Below is a link to a video on Golden Silverpoint ground if you are interested.
I know I advertise Golden a bit, but It's what I do, I work in an art supply store and discovering Golden Acrylics had revolutionized my  practice, so here's to them! And three cheers for Silverpoint!!!

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