Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Golden Demo

This came through my email and I wanted to share the opportunity for anyone interested...

St Luke has booked Golden Artist Educator, Merryn Trevethan for three in store demonstrations on Saturday 19th MAY.  
Each demonstration will run for approximately 45 minutes and there are three different Golden Acrylic Applications to choose from.  
Bookings are essential so please contact a St Lukette to reserve your place. All you are required to bring is a visual diary.

Merryn will experiment with the diverse range of Golden gels and grounds to uncover 
how acrylic can be manipulated and utilised in a variety of methods.
The differences between all Golden Acrylic Paint ranges will be discussed and 
Merryn will uncover which formulation of Golden Acrylic Paint will be best for you.

2:10 - 2:45 Golden Open Acrylics
How slow drying is OPEN?  Attend this lecture to find out.  
Merryn will show how to get the best effects with Golden's slow drying range of Acrylics.  
Opens accompanying mediums will be utilised along with subtractive painting techniques.

Don't let your printer gather dust in the corner...learn how Golden's specialised 
range of grounds can turn your printer into an art making machine.

-SATURDAY 19th MAY Starting at 1:00pm
-Email:  to reserve your place
-Bring your visual Diary...

For more information about Merryn Trevethan or if you are interested in 
enrolling in a Golden Workshop please visit the link below:

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