Wednesday, 23 May 2012

All systems go (or getting ready to)

So it's official. We got the house and I'm moving to Trentham!

My studio is all boxed up, which I must say is a little bit sad, but I can't wait to unpack it at the other end... There's a huge box labeled 'PAINT' that I reckon will be unpacked before anything labeled 'KITCHEN'!

I just can't wait to really get in to it. I've been gathering all resources at my disposal and I'm planing to put myself in to home school and learn all the things I was never actually taught at art school.

 Painting is #1 on the list of things to explore and I found numerous boxes of charcoal when packing up my studio and remembered how much fun it was to make big messy drawings, so that's #2.

Going through my studio was extremely tedious, but very rewarding... For every box of bullshit I sorted through I found an inspiring sketch or some materials I haven't used in the longest time. My most exciting find was my small embossing tool and a WHOLE BOX of graphite blocks, which I was using in Honours to make these...

Installation View. Graphite on paper. 2008

Detail. Graphite on paper. 2008

Now I don't think I'm likely to go back to working so geometrically, but this process is a way of working that I think I will pull off of the back burner...

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