Thursday, 10 May 2012

A New Life in a New Town...

I've felt a big change coming in my work and myself this year, and after months of anticipation it has finally arrived...
I'm starting a new life in a new town. A couple of darling friends and I are packing up and going country!
We found a charming little house in Trentham (fingers crossed we get it) and if all goes according to plan I'll be a country girl again in a month!

I've been craving a change of pace and a change of scenery all year, the city is bringing me down. With all its pavement and cooch grass and advertising fucking everywhere, the empty consumerism, the noise, the right angles... It's overstimulating and I can't breathe here anymore, the city forces pace that's not my own and I've made a choice to quietly slip away from it all.

I'll keep working in the city for a couple of months until I've squirreled away enough money to do what I've always dreamed of! No, it's not saving so I can fuck off overseas for 6 months to 'find myself'...
I'm saving to support myself for 6 months so that I can paint full time and find my work.

The dream rental has  beautiful little sun room-come studio for me to work in and I'm going to brave the cold (and wet and snow) and do some en plein air painting. I'm just going to paint and paint and paint. For years I've fantasized about having the means to abandon responsibility and my commitments and just really go for it in the studio but post-art-school poverty and the retail-rat-race has never allowed it, until now. I've reached a point where I can justify stepping from the path I was on and taking a bigger risk for my practice.

I haven't ever felt fulfilled as an artist, knowing that I could have always tried harder, done better, taken longer to resolve ideas and methods and allowed enough time for my work to develop. I think that's why my work has jumped around so much in the last couple of years. I've been so worried about keeping pace, keeping up and having a show, having a show, having a show that my work has suffered.

This year, I'm slowing everything down and letting myself and my work evolve and develop at a more natural pace. What better place to do that than Trentham?

So I don't really know where I'm going with my work or what I'm going to do, but everything has lined up perfectly for this change to come, so I'm sure it will find me...

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